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صور حديثة من أعالي النيل لأفراد من قبيلة النوير
صور حديثة من أعالي النيل لأفراد من قبيلة النوير
صور حديثة من أعالي النيل لأفراد من قبيلة النوير

02-11-2014 08:25 PM
صور حديثة من أعالي النيل لأفراد من قبيلة النوير وحاملي سلاح، ويلاحظ في الصور الظروف الصعبة التي يعيشها الأطفال والنساء. كما أن صور بعض المقاتلين تبين صغر أعمارهم.

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#914164 [Abu]
4.19/5 (6 صوت)

02-13-2014 04:06 AM
[ودعمر] [SESE] [ابو ابراهيم] ردود على
With all due respect to all readers. Never had the impression that my comments will get all that attention! At any rate grateful to all the commentators and sure this is quite a positive sign that we’re still able to communicate and exchange ideas without being neither biases nor prejudiced. Needless to mention that I am just a layman with a very limit education, who found himself horrified with all that news pouring out from that war zone “which I still consider” part of my beloved country and compelled to react by just dropping these lines.
Thanks ابو ابراهيم and sure you might share me the same dreams of unification? And might not be an illusion as you projected. Blaming this person who you called the “president” is the least what I could do! This person didn’t act as a “President” supposed to be? Letting the South go in the manners we witness sure tells he was not nor the regime keens to keep the country in tacked, and why from the start the country needs another 50 years “as you suggested” of endless war? Why do even the Southern needs to go through this ordeal & anguish? So many questions I could keep asking if I kept going into that trajectory. Definitely I held also the Southern “Politicians” accountable in this crime {split-up & raging war now}? Incontestable if the regime from the start has bared it is responsibilities’ and acted as what government supposed to acted, sure they would had come up with a peaceful solution to this crisis, and prevented this separation, and we had previously an experience in the early 70’s mutilated by another catastrophic “junta” President . Blaming the West & American for the whacky scam they strategized is a valid reason, but still it’s the regime’s fault is allowing that to happened, and to allow the west to meddle into our affairs.
SESE, unfortunately I am a Northern, and anxious to see Southern who are willing to share my point of view so it will come to lights? Confident there will be some of the Southern willing to discuss this proposal, but might be prevented right now with all the bully taking place in both “Sudan” Advocating such a cause is not just to get our half back, but to prevent a regional calamity which might not be legible right now, to most of the Sudanese, but sure within the coming 10 years or less we could see this at our boarders in “Kosti , Sennar , or even Muglad” considering that already the Uganda’s troops in Bentiu? Others countries in East Africa sure will not remain idle as the Uganda’s troops advanced there and it seems they are in the South to stay!! Needless to draw the attention to the status of armed forces right now. During the last 24 years, we have end up with a boy-scouts units rather than army! I hope the Southern will consider this issue too? Unquestionable the ones’ who are giving you (thumps down) are under estimating the imminent danger that surrounding this landlocked country. If I were you I would question them why do they think your proposal is not worth considering? Looming threats are surrounding the South from every direction.
[ودعمر] You can’t blame all the Southern for the way the think about us? (Sure not to generalize all of them?) Since independence (not considering the colonial era), they didn’t had any serious attempt from us the Northern to accept them as an equal citizen of Sudan, with the same rights and duties. The only attempt came from May’s junta, and unfortunately Khartoum didn’t abides to the deal which has led to the to 1984 insurgence. SPLA creation sure was the result of not honouring Addis Ababa agreement and Numeiry’s 1983 stupid laws. All attempts made by the central government were a blatant disrespected lies, especially from the current regime. Even during the recent negotiations Khartoum’s delegation didn’t fight enough to prevent the South from departure and during the transitional period, showed a deliberate nasty attitude towards the southern, and alienated them in such a manner they left without any other choice than to separate from the motherland. Sure I could continue endless in this path, not as an advocate to the southern cause, but as a natural witness.
Assume I have to end here, and look forward to more interaction in the matter, and not from the Northern, look forward to hear from Southern brothers after I have lay my case? Hope I didn’t offend anyone of the readers? and if I have done, please accept my sincere apology??

#913820 [sky painter]
4.00/5 (2 صوت)

02-12-2014 05:05 PM
من يرى السلاح في ايدي الاطفال و هم في زهو و فرح به يدرك ان الحرب في الجنوب ستدوم سنوات طويله..الجنوب كدولة مستقرة قد يكون حلم بعيد المنال

#913781 [موسى محمد]
2.50/5 (2 صوت)

02-12-2014 04:14 PM
هذه هي دولة الرفاه والنعيم التي وعدهم بها الخواجات ودفعوهم دفعاً للإنفصال عن الشمال للتمتع بها.
أها خموا وبعد دا وصروا.
هاك الرفاه دا

#913168 [Abu]
5.00/5 (3 صوت)

02-12-2014 09:15 AM
Another crime to be convened to the endless series of crimes been committed by those scums? Hope this bastard “Al-Bashir” is happy with what he has created and done? All the agonies and anguish those people are suffering right now is because of this filthy despicable gang. The dubious state those people is been left in it sure was not them choice at any degree or rate, and been forced to choose separation from the mother land “Sudan” because of this mob. They been involuntary taken this path when they have realized that the North is no longer keen to have them, and was willing to abatement them ties with motherland. Sure not the regime, but we the people of the north also must be held accountable to this crime also? We have abandoned those people and left them to suffer from either end, the central government & SPLA. Definitely neither this bastard nor what so called “Islamist” has the capabilities to envision what those poor people would suffer the moment they been allowed to secession from Sudan, and maybe it was well orchestrated and planned knowing that part of Sudan has a lot of complex problems with its demographic structure? The southern themselves lived in the illusion been created by the American and the west that they can make it on them own, and without the north. With what taken place right now I do see very slim chances those people can make it on them own, and this havoc will never end, and will last forever until all of them perish and wipeout. The excuse that they have chosen themselves to depart the motherland in that referendum sure is not an acceptable reason to let them suffer alone, when we are all aware that they been pressed to pick this painful choice, and moreover we the northern were not allowed to participate in that nasty swindle planned by the SPLA & the devil brothers, with the support of the west. Sure these photos now are a strong call for all of us to try immediately to come up with a sort of a deal that could bring the South back to the motherland, and to stop this bloodshed there?? No doubted there’s a lot of Southern and Northern who are willing to consider such a proposal, and must be safeguarded by alienating both the “devil brothers & SPLA” from such a proposition

ردود على Abu
[ودعمر] 02-12-2014 04:32 PM
why southern people is feeling the northern people is their enemy!!! while always we pray for them. please brothers change this mentality that made by politicians, all of us are one nation.

United States [SESE] 02-12-2014 03:26 PM
Abu, I hope you are not from the North, because when I comment in something similar to your ideas on Southen websites most of the time, if not always, I receive thumps down. If you are from the South that measns a witness from the dark side has come out to say the truth, that sesede has not been a clear cut of Southen people's choice but they have been forced out to meet such a fate and that case trators against Sudanese peole from both sides have to pay the price.

European Union [ابو ابراهيم] 02-12-2014 12:20 PM
Your nobel call for unity Mr Abu now is a real illution act,I woder how you blame President Albasheer, do you want him to continue fighting for other 50 years for unity? and the northen continue paying the bill in blood.I think who deserve to be condemn is only the West who supported separation

#913113 [عصام بيرم]
1.88/5 (4 صوت)

02-12-2014 08:26 AM
الابادة للجنشس الزنجي..هكذا تريد دول الاستكبار ..ليكون لها الاستيطان في ارض الجنوب البكر.

3.00/5 (3 صوت)

02-12-2014 07:16 AM
أفريقيا سوف لا تنعم بالسلام إلي الأبد. تقول الدول الرأسمالية كل موارد العالم ملكاً لنا, وأفريقيا تنعم بكل الموارد, لذلك أي دولة تحاول إستخدام مواردها تشعل بالنارِهم.

#912993 [الناصح الأمين]
5.00/5 (1 صوت)

02-12-2014 12:59 AM
الدكتور رياك مشار الذي أفلت من الفتنة التي صنعها في أوائل التسعينيات من القرن الماضي واحتضنه الجنوبيون مرة أخرى رغم خيانته الكبيرة يلعب اليوم لعبة خطيرة ستلقي بقبيلته في أتون جحيم لن يبقي أو يذر. هذه المرة إذا لم يتم تطويق هذا الأمر بسرعة فإن رغبة الجنوبيين في عدم المساس بدولتهم التي حققوها بشق الأنفس لن تسمح لأي مغامر بتكرار اللعبة القذرة مرة أخرى.

#912976 [AburishA]
5.00/5 (2 صوت)

02-12-2014 12:36 AM
والله تهز الضمير الانساني,,,

#912949 [ابو محمد]
5.00/5 (5 صوت)

02-11-2014 11:41 PM
حقا منظر مؤسف ومشهد مروع لعن اللة الساسة والسياسيين الذين يتلاعبون بارواح شعوبهم ووامنهم وطموحهم فى حياة كريمة خالية من القتل والدمار الذى لاناقة اوجمل لهؤلا البسطاء كبار سن اطفال نساء هل هذا ماتريدون ايها الحكام والساسة فى السودان اوجنوبة اتقو اللة وسوف لن يغفر التاريخ لكم ايها القتلة الجبناء الى مذبلة التاريخ والى جهنم

#912945 [خالد]
5.00/5 (2 صوت)

02-11-2014 11:35 PM
مأساة بمعنى الكلمه

#912912 [سمسم]
5.00/5 (2 صوت)

02-11-2014 10:35 PM
هذه أسوء منطقة للعيش والحياة على ظهر الأرض - لاشى هنا سوى الموت والقتل والحرق والهلاك .

#912910 [Malek Chol Malek]
5.00/5 (1 صوت)

02-11-2014 10:33 PM
What is this Riek Machar why are you destroying those youngs although you know very well that you cant rule South Sudan by all means

ردود على Malek Chol Malek
United States [IBN ALKHARTUM] 02-12-2014 06:18 AM

#912895 [ترهاقا]
3.50/5 (4 صوت)

02-11-2014 09:52 PM
يبدو ان الرئيس سلفا، مُصراً علي ان يتتبع اثر الفاشليين من حكام العالم الثالث وذلك بأعادة انتاج الظروف المؤاتية لمحرقة جديدة في القارة السمراء تسمي " دولة جنوب السودان " !!! ياااا للبؤس و الشقاء لهذه القارة الفتية، الغنية بمواردها و انسانها و الفاقدة لادوات الحكم الرشيد. اظن ان ابليس نفسه لم يكن ليستطيع غواية هذه الشرازم من قادة الدولة الوليدة للولوج بالجميع الي هذا المأزق العجيب بهذه السرعة الرهيبة من عمر الدولة الوليدة !!! تري من فعلها !!؟؟ لك الله يا شعب السودان شماله و جنوبه !!!

#912892 [HAMID BARGO]
4.00/5 (4 صوت)

02-11-2014 09:46 PM
ان شاء الله غداً سيأتي السلام و يعود الجميع الي بيوتهم و مزارعهم و مدارسهم و مكاتبهم
غداً سيصمت صوت البندقية و تنطلق أصوات المصانع و التراكتورات و البلدوزرات لبناء الطرق و الكباري

#912887 [ودعمر]
5.00/5 (1 صوت)

02-11-2014 09:36 PM
كان الله في عون شعب جنوب السودان فقد اصطلي سنوات طويلة تحت نيران المعاناة!!!

#912872 [عصمتووف]
5.00/5 (3 صوت)

02-11-2014 09:12 PM
لا انفصال نفع لا وحدة نفعت الله يكون في عونكم المشكلة في جهل المواطن السوداني يسلم عاطفتة ويشل عقلة لمجموعات الساسة المثقفون والشيوخ والمولانات والسلاطين الفاسدين العجائز الاقطاعيين كل هؤلاء يشكلون ازمة للقبيلة والعشيرة والحزب والحركة متي تفتحوا عقولكم وعيونكم لمستقبلكم ومستقبل ابناؤكم لماذا تمضون علي شيك من بياض لماذا لا تشكلون مجموعات ضغط تطالب بالتعليم والصحة والحقوق والرفاهية لا تتبعونهم وتعطوهم اكثر ما يستحقون سوف يلاحقكم الجهل والموت والمرض لو كان هذا حالكم استيقظوا ووجهوا السلاح لهم واضربوهم حتي الموت ومثلوا بجثثهم المعفنة ليتعظ القادمون فلا امن وحرية لكم مالم تفيقوا مستقبلكم بايديكم لا بيد امريكا ولا البشير ولا جون قرنق ولا الصادق او الترابي او مشار تعالوا كلنا اسود علي حلبي علي عربي ندك قلاع الظلام وترجع البلاد موحده والمواطنة والكفاة هي الاساس عمر الشعارات والخطب الحماسية افادت كانت حررت فلسطين منذ 48

#912863 [Eddy]
4.47/5 (9 صوت)

02-11-2014 08:52 PM
This could be another lost generation if we dont work hard to save them i would have love to see them carrying books laptops not guns my beloved country God save South Sudan and Sudan

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