Apology to the south
Apology to the south

01-03-2011 03:18 AM
Apology to the south
This is an apology from alrakoba.net for all our people in the south and the mighty warriors of Cosh
We give thanks to almighty God and pray for our brothers and sisters and the warriors of the great human civilization of Cosh
Get up and shine your light upon the horizon the star of your flag
In order to prevail peace Freedom and. Justice Upon your land
To all black almighty warriors
Let us stand in silence and devotion and solemnity In memory of the millions of martyrs
Who sacrifice their blood to bring freedom to our motherland
Garden of Eden
The land of milk and honey
The land of tough men women and
Protect us united in peace and tranquillity
Nile, mountains and valleys
And god consecrate the south of Sudan
Our wealth of joy and pride
For our people and the sons and daughters of our skin and twin soul in the south to mongo, John, Tabita, Mjok, Mlwak , Riak, Scholl, Mary, Abel, I zodoro, Christina, Knight, Zachariah, Joseph, Teresa, Marial, Mona, Gabriel, Karbino Luka, Margarita, Andrea, William, Malai, and Ateem
The late Sudanese hero John Gerang Dimbior and his fellow freedom fighters and heroes who are still alive. And to Serr anaay late poet, Here's the South extension throughout and tropical forest and the Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal in Juba, Rumbek, Wau, Malakal, Bentiu, Maridi, Nimule, Mnqla, Luca, Barjeel, Torit, Akobo, Kapoeta, Nasser, and other cities and towns and Dharri South Dari, and in the cities and regions of our country's west and east and north, and in neighboring countries, and in the ends of the migrant and farther away. To the land of the green south Plush with the perfumed of your wisdom and your kindness and your serenade full of plight and longing for the country Denqna free and proud of their productive land
and overhead net and sorties and its tint of skin brightly shining and the and dialects Multiple languages filled with songs of freedom ,peace , and honourable values
To the inherent of your tinted and brownie skin that does not overlook the beauty of the eye, and your high and glorious, and the determination and courage and bravery

Here we bow our heads in gratitude and tribute for you and for the nobility of derivation noble and out of our shared history that rooted in the depths of the land of our country along its borders north and south, east and west, stained with the blood of our heroes and martyrs of different skin and tongues and races, who wrote her purity bright history of glory and resilience and tenacity. who built the Nile Valley from north to south and from east to west since the early third millennium before the birth of Christ, peace be upon him, stretching in depth and originality of the ages of stone immemorial before the date and illustrated by the inscr iptions and pottery and copper, and recorded excavations Ancient and modern (since the era of civilization, the first group) her and her ancestors, both ancient warriors of Kush black strong population of the old Khartoum with their own distinct different from any element in God's country) that they are the early humans who have stepped firmly initial thresholds ladder of human civilization in the land of Sudan from the industry And improvement and the formation and use of pottery, copper, ceramics from Amazon stone, and dependence, like other ancient ancestors of humans to catch fish, animals and collecting fruits from the trees, livestock and some animal species. Through civilizations of the second and third and the of the solid invincible defences , which was difficult for the Pharaohs of Egypt Central guide for the force and prevent the descendants of warriors of Kush powerful makers of civilization of the Kingdom of Kerma solid form known among sculptors and archaeologists and the people of workmanship famous and Undoubted that the finest porcelain, which I knew the people of the Nile Valley since the dawn of history. And they had reached the country of Sudan and the highest Development and prosperity of its resources at the time varied as faces warriors and heroes and have made use of them and the mass of its resources for the entire satisfaction and good will
all people near and far formed the basis for trade exchange with the modern Egyptian state, gold, ebony, elephant tusks, glue, Incense, ostrich feathers, leopard skins and, giraffes, hunting dogs,
and livestock, beans ,lintels seed and onion, that exceeded what was produced in the land of Sindh and the distinctive African flavour, and has emerged in which the leaders of Kush history like the first greats kings of Kush Who their name been registered ,and the names of other mighty warriors of Kush who made the first independence and free the country of Sudan, the influence of the pharaohs and the establishment of the Kingdom of the bottom of the fourth cataract of the plant. As well as his son( ba,ankhy )(Like father like son), which succeeded in subjecting the modern Egyptian state under his rule in 725 BC under the state Kush who ruled for more than eighty years, the area stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the outskirts of Abyssinia and was followed, on the same path, after leaving (Terhaga )a powerful sons, who ruled during the period (690/664 BC
till the sixth century AD, quoted by the Kush and moved the capital from Nabta to (Marawe), where the majestic pyramids, abadamak, Temple of the Sun, pottery, copper, polished iron and other forms of art, creativity, and which was dubbed by then (the old Birmingham Africa) for renowned for its iron-smelting furnaces which showed in the excavations of old and modern effects of lava piles that were beyond them. And continued as the capital of Kush for more than eight centuries, five centuries BC, and three centuries after it has been through Kush beacon of knowledge and thought, culture and art, creativity, and known as the most civilizations that originated in Africa and was characterized by nature African emanating from the forests and jungles of Africa black and from the valleys and normalcy and charm picturesque north and south, east and west are drawn to its culture and heritage of the inherited tribe of Dinka, Nuer, Luo or Galo which includes the Shilluk, fallow, in Sudan and the Acholi and Aloneaouk and in Uganda and Sudan , Allnju, Alkamam, and Jawppaduola in Uganda, the Alur in Uganda and Congo. And other tribal groups deployed in the West, East and South Africa and have proven research and excavations its historical ancient civilization Cushitic such as the Maasai in Kenya and Hausa in West Africa and the Zulu in South Africa and other tribes that are similar to their own customs and inherited many natures and customs of the tribes lived by the river Nile in e Sudan,
at the same time Kush have been open to all cultures and civilizations and the Romanian Greek, Indian, ancient Egyptian civilization and the southern Arabian Peninsula and other Civilizations by the physical location and geographical borders and vast fertile period open from every direction to all civilizations in her heart healthy and shining white wisdom and richness of thought and awareness of the distinctive spontaneous simple and insightful vision of the future and open her losing her life and on the knowledge of what is in it. Have shown the effects and patterns, and excavations over the covenants and times and showed that the civilization of Kush was a deep African content of civilizations, cultures and ideas surrounding human. Perhaps the poet of the South or the late Peter Annai (serr anaay) in his poem (the Sudan) has expressed this depth and this ability that has characterized the magical civilization of Kush in the absorption and absorption of foreign cultures and civilizations, but from which it will benefit her and add to the creativity and Finish is designed and below in tip of history and move forward
Can we kindly stop intimidating each other
So we both don’t have to raise questions about the origin of the other
And so we can live in peace
And would you kindly know one thing
Sudan, which is claimed they are Arab nation in the heart of Africa
Humbly it’s not significant
I'm on my own
And called my name
Sudan I mean, I
However, I did not want, one day, to remind you of your roots and culture of non-Sudanese
Because, simply, there was no importance to this
What concerns me is that both of us human beings
And together we have equal right to live here
In this land of the blacks
This depth humanitarian inherent in the culture of Kush, and struggle and natural with the realities of the universe and the continuity of the moment of conformation and sustainability of development in its quest, and her persistent complex
(which were not without a struggle against forces of darkness and backwardness with all their talents and on pigmentation and morphology in the pursuit Poisoned to impose a culture of despising ethnic and obscurantist thought) towards the formation of a unique identity to accommodate all the contradictions simple and the Nile Valley in the crucible of one variety and the human world are still beautiful dream, make it fertile ground for all human beings different civilisation that Conflicting, resisted bravely the pharaonic state in various stages of the historical and defeated them and took them for eight decades as we have said, as she lived patiently period (Group of civilization), which has not been discovered, archaeologists until the day of any race or people belonging to him the heroes of that era, which extended its time in Kush country from the fall of (Marawe) in the fourth century AD to the emergence of Christianity in the sixth century AD. It was then after that a fertile ground for the emergence and growth of Arab culture and African Christianity coming from Ethiopia in East Africa and belonging to its roots.
The strain of Sulaimaniya and the Kingdom of Sheba in southern Arabia when it took Aizana King of the Kingdom Exum Christian Meroe in 350 AD and remained after Kush and for long periods territory dominated by the Christian civilizations, the Kingdom of( nobateen) in the north of the First Cataract to the Third Cataract and capital opportunities, and Kingdom of( magarra) stretching to the doors in the South (Koboshya).
The old (MARAWE) and its capital Old (Dongola,) and then the Kingdom of (Alwa) and its capital of Soba, and managed to hold its first unit of voluntary kingdoms approved and( Nubateen) in the era of (Mirkors) in the period between the seventh and eighth century in order to resist the slave trade and raids Arabs on the one hand, and an end to conflict Religious and political, on the other, which helped the economic development and social and cultural. And rolled on the ruins of the ancient Islamic kingdoms in our country after an ( BAQTagreement )which lasted for more than 600 years, during which the country has seen pictures of Sudan full of different wonderful combination and intermingling of national and peaceful coexistence, but also not devoid of pictures of a pitch-black. History as Mr Mansour Khalid says, in his book "A Tale of two countries (not pure substance, because it is fine perfume, and the corrupt and awful .
The Social Evolution is a long and complex are not going in a straight line or are in accordance with the wishes of our self. And have seen our country, and still, through her barbed towards the formulation of identity and the great dream of peace and justice and progress, plants are unable to dark all the criteria for the descr iption of expression, the slave trade, despising the ethnic and cultural are different, cleansing and genocide.
And the relationship between these stations is a dialectical relationship Civil wars and ethnic cleansing and genocide in the south and the west are the natural product of the arrogance of cultural and ethnic and the slave trade in all its ugliness, and in every sense of the meanings of slavery and exploitation, and is produced from the dredge racism hardly Ends, and even worse, and diverge, apply and spread in the soil of our country like a cancer malignant from region to region and from region to region under the rule of thought obscurantism imposed on us forcibly by the government rescue and state advocates of religious and cultural project and here are working at night Day to sow the seeds of sedition and division among us are all sons of Kush and powerful combatants. And seeks to impose on the Arab-Islamic identity and cultures of African origin that is the culture that preceded the Arab-Islamic civilization Periods and longstanding.
And despite the fact that the slave trade from Africa to the Middle East preceded long before the rise of Islam and that the history of Sudan is due to pre-date the ancient kingdoms of it, and unfortunately, with all the ugliness and lack of humanity associated with the migration of Muslim Arabs of the Sudan in order to spread Islam and Find the money and the slave and gained legal nature since the conclusion of the (BAKT agreement )which was one of the most important items the commitment of the king approved the payment of 360 head of a slave at a rate of head per day, prompting kings approved for the exercise of the worst forms of slavery to the hardworking people who are veterans of Kush black powerful to meet this requirement and send them north To become servants and protectors of the kings of the Islamic State. And has expressed these goals are clearly the late poet Salah Ahmed Ibrahim.
This historical connection between the migration of Arabs and Muslims and between the slave trade contributed to the evolution of this trade is corrupt and popularity during the periods of the Islamic kingdoms through the period of Turkish rule and (Mahdia) and the periods that followed. And it has complex with the appearance and representation of the idea of a religious state, since an early age. And that, during her long and complex history has sown the seeds of ethnic despising have (aljallaaba) and Arabized tribes of Sudan in the north in their outlook and their dealings with the people of Sudan indigenous tribes of South and West and Southern Blue Nile and all regions of the margin on the basis that they are second-class citizens. And still images of slavery and slavery is present in the urban and rural areas and are still some items of periods of slavery and the slave trade in Sudan, commonly used on a large scale and are traded on a daily basis to the public without shame, but by the most important symbols of political power by the ruling today in our country. And their effects are still deposited in the minds of large sections of the population of Sudan, led by the tribes and the margin is still engraved in their memories and will remain so for long times.
The Rescue Authority in Khartoum is no different today and its allies and followers of a religious state, advocates and cultural project for slave traders they are just obedient to the descendants of slave traders who had the worst forms of crimes of slavery and slavery and ethnic despising. And is also not different from the same dark forces and exclusionary, which reversed their commitments to the South in 1953 and dropped her after coming to power, and later expanded to pass the Islamic Constitution which was prepared and submitted by the Islamic Front for the constitution in 1957. And also sought after October to pass the Constitution of the Islamic prepared by the front of the Charter of the Islamic and the Islamic University and formed the background of the Court of apostasy of the martyr( Mahmoud Mohamed Taha )in November 1968, and ambushed an arbitrator assassinated when William Deng leader Sano, and the hero Southern senior and who was accompanied by Of activists in the wilds of the forest adjacent to the town of (Rumbek) in May 1968, and (Tar albalad) executed Martyr (Joseph Garang) and his colleagues in July 1971, and sponsored by the Ethiopian Martyr Hassan Hussein in September 1975 and his fellow officers and soldiers, and executed Martyr Mohamed Nour Saad, a stray bullet Assassinated the Ethiopian artist and creator Martyr William Andrea in July 1976, and Martyr Taha Youssef Obeid in January 1982,
And are the same forces that turned on the Addis Ababa Agreement in 1972 and imposed the laws of September 1983 abhorrent and executed under a martyr thought Mahmoud Mohamed Taha, and whipped from flogged and crucified, Who was crucified and cut away from a dispute broke off and amputated hands of amputated from the masses of our people, hard-working and Vulnerable and made religion a tool to exploit the people and wealth no man's land and accumulate fortunes, they are ultimately no different from those who entered the house of Abu Sufyan in the conquest of Mecca from traders of Quraish and (Nakhasa) Okaz, market and of raised Koran .
And they were Heroes of the massacre of Karbala, and slaughtered JA’d bin AED in public after the prayer of Eid al-Adha
. And is no stranger to agree similarity of the situation to the (rescue regime) and what the cultural superiority of the crimes and ethnic cleansing and genocide and partition of the country and the displacement of indigenous people and deported and reneging on national consensus and accords with the positions of( Nifasha agreement) and the crimes of slave traders and advocates of a religious state Over the times and understand the covenants of the same class and the dough, which has been impeding the march of mighty warriors of Kush towards the formation of a single identity and diverse nation building of democracy and freedom, equality and peaceful coexistence and freedom of belief, justice and the rule of law since the dawn of history. And will remain dark forces are in the process of Social complexity in our country for a long time, and will continue to haunt us and conspire on our dreams and working to fragment the unity of our country and no way to defeat it is cohesion and the common struggle for the country of citizenship based on democracy and peaceful coexistence and respect for ethnic diversity and cultural and freedom of belief and the rule of The rule of law and balanced development both in the Sudanese state, one or two the new-born in the south and north, this is the real guarantee that will unite us again and on a new basis and what is happening now is not just a mere interruption of a historic, but it is an integral or inseparable from the process of natural evolution And social conflict, which eventually lead to a new civilization of Kush and the New Sudan to the passage of time or a palace. And will remain our country, despite this fact, catastrophic fine as long as we are descendants of powerful of Kush warriors, and the generations that will come after us and of the crucified, and breathe air of freedom, and living well frequented and its goodness of its honey and bliss, and Drink from the Nile and exclaim of its bride and trading power and immortality, and as long as we are willing to pay our price and dowry in order to state where good and peace and to cultivate trust also in the same poet, activist
(Mohamed Taha Alkaddal) and all creators of our people and eliminate their all Concerns.

And although we have all drank from the same cup of persecution and injustice and backwardness and malate disastrous for dictatorial regimes and advocates religious state and the Constitution of the Islamic, and still drink them under the authority of the rescue, which represents the worst forms of religious state, but we recognize and acknowledge that the share most of the pain and suffering you may had to live with you still the heroes of mighty Kush, of some that were sold cheaply in the slave market and cut off their backs, whips the tails of cows, and you stripped of his scalp to the jungles of tropical forest trees and Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile or from the scattered limbs and his gut and scattered by bullets or bombs, and you felt his own eyes how his home and his birthplace and his village and had burned the whole tainted by the stereotypes and its women and youth and children, or the view of Geoff ripping his mother in cold blood, and sometimes lead to mockery and sometimes with knife and pregnant women left their body and their womb food for predators and stray dogs, and others have passed their own civil wars and homeless and has been aimed at them over the more than half a century away from the dearest of their land fertile warm in the houses of tin and cardboard walls ramshackle and belts of poverty and drought founded on the side-lines of the margin and waste affluent advocates of sedition and extremism, and despising in the cities of the north and west and the east, and you who ravaged by civil wars in the jungles of Africa and in neighboring countries or in exile remote. And you pay the price with his life for the dream of all heroes and freedom fighters that came out of those woods and belts of poverty and from the womb of all those suffering in Conspiracies and plots hatched by them and ambushes them in the playoffs and the physical and gallows and executions and political assassinations
We and everyone in alrakoba

See and recognize that all forms of these heinous crimes have been committed in your right and it is a stain on the conscience of every good citizen and a genuine Sudanese drank the water from the Nile and being eternal blood of the mighty warriors of Kush. It will remain in our history and our present and our future. And we declare our condemnation of them and call on all honest people in our country to condemn collectively and to apologize to all tribes of the Sudan and all the masses of the downgraded of our people that has borne the firepower and suffered for centuries and to compensate for all material damage and moral suffered, compensation to satisfy them and restore their dignity and their pride. As well as condemnation of all regulations governing successive did not seek to address them, but sought themselves to be devoted, and it did not agree on a permanent constitution and a democratic system to achieve justice and balanced development and equal among the people on the basis of citizenship and guarantees them freedom of belief and expression and the rule of law and opens the way for all cultures of the inauguration of the Sudanese and express themselves. And in our view this is the right way to overcome the bitterness and ensure non-recurrence in the future. And we at the site of Alrakoba since growing up and so far we are keen to publish articles and political material, intellectual, and literary and art that are in favor of unity of our people and solidarity and defend the downgraded and hard-working.
And we always refuse to publish all the separatist articles and exclusionary, which was provided to us from all parts of Sudan from the north, south and east and the west and centre, and Sudanese in the Migration and exile near and far. And we will respect your choices and defend them and we're always willing and again to pay the price with our lives for you to place your opinions and exercise your crucial right in the report of your fate for yourself,

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We and everyone in alrakoba

See and recognize that all forms of these heinous crimes have been committed in your right and it is a stain on the conscience of every good citizen and a genuine Sudanese drank the water from the Nile and being eternal blood of the mighty warriors of Kush. It will remain in our history and our present and our future. And we declare our condemnation of them and call on all honest people in our country to condemn collectively and to apologize to all tribes of the Sudan and all the masses of the downgraded of our people that has borne the firepower and suffered for centuries and to compensate for all material damage and moral suffered, compensation to satisfy them and restore their dignity and their pride.
I, the undersigned agree to all what has been mentioned in this article
The roles of the oldest full apologetic to our people in the south the mighty warriors of Kush
Hoping and begging from all my brethren in the south of Sudan to consider their independence is just a station to reach the ultimate goal and the joint between the peoples of the north and south Sudan
Which is unity on new bases
where no part of Sudan will fear or face any kind of injustice.
Your Brother / SHEMALI

أخوكم/ شمالي

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