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A two moments, Mosque and Church or Al-Bashir and Kiir !
A two moments, Mosque and Church or Al-Bashir and Kiir !
07-14-2011 10:43 AM

A two moments, Mosque and Church or Al-Bashir and Kiir !

Osama Babiker Hassan

[email protected]

I hope the Northern Sudanese could have considered those two moments:

The moment when Silvakiir raised the flag of the newly independent South of Sudan State. H.E. Silvakiir appeared dignified, balanced and courteous. He is a man of Church.

The moment after H.E. Omer Al-Bahir luckily returned from China. He addressed angrily the Juma prayer mass from his father\'s beautiful mosque with language full of warfare and phobic phrases; he appeared totally out of control even inside the Mosque (House of God). He is a man of Mosque.

Mohammed (PBUH), directed every short-tempered man saying that: \"The strong man is not the good wrestler, the strong man is only the one who control himself when he is angry\". On the same course, Jesus Christ (PBUH) said: \"When you fully forgive, God\'s peace will rest upon you, and the Holy Spirit will comfort you\". Unfortunately Sudan is ruled under extraordinary systematic UNGER, perhaps this explains why the late penman Altayib Saleh given good descr iption for most of the Sudanese understanding for Islam as Self-created social religion( تأسيس إجتماعي للدين قاطعنوا من راسهم ).

We the Muslims of Sudan, especially the Northern Sudanese regardless of our tribes or ethnicities, should reexamine the moral purposes of Mosque to its correct track based by the Prophet of Mercy (PBUH) and fix it back to it as an institution made to generate spiritual power in the individual soul to apply in each of his/her daily corners of life.

The above two moment\'s instance do not aim at personal comparison between Kiir and Al-Bahir, it is between the Church and the Mosque as two religious institutions which are supposed to have deep moral influence in the mind and heart of the both religions followers. In those two moments, could we say the culture of Church defeated the Culture of Mosque? Yes and no, yes if the Northern Sudanese remain accepting Al-Bahir as a head for the so-called Islamic state, no if they do not. Who realized the behest of Mohammed and Jesus (PBUT) in the above two moments, Kiir or Al-Bashir. Answer is left to the North Sudanese discretion.

The absent truth to the reach of the international community, although Al-Bahir regime\'s violent language and activities - is that there has never been religious conflict between Islam, Christianity, Animists on the social surface of the Sudanese life since 1956 the independent date of the old Sudan until the present regime created a Don Quixote status to remain in power. Another absent factor to the reach of the international community is that most of the Northern people of Sudan including those who live in the west, far north, east and center of the Sudan have heavily been suffering from this regime either for their political opinions or non-political demands for better life.

We mournfully farewell our Southern brothers and sisters who preferred to have their own independent state, but we remind them that the genuine Islam has nothing to do with what the North government adopting as Islamic Rule. We hope you avoid the seven deadly sins prevailed long in the North Sudan and build up a strong state which might only change our present sorrow in the North into honor.

Osama Babiker Hassan – an Ex attendee of Islamic Research Foundation- Instituted by late Shaikh Ahmed Deedat for comparative religious studies.

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#178406 [Ashraf]
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07-14-2011 03:47 PM

Thank you for the article
Although I do differ as a whole on your comparison and analysis.
The Mosque in the history of Islam has been the parliament of Muslims up to the time of Muawiya and his bretheren. The Friday prayer is crucial to Muslims and it is in our religeon of mandatory attendance because it is the biggest and cheapest media outlet and the time of debate.
Many scholars do say that it is mandatory to attend Friday prayers in order to greet your fellow Muslim and for Muslims to inspect on each other.
Islam is of a totally different theology than the current church of christianity,. The church is an intermediary between christians and \"The Lord\" and has thus attained its political power from the mideaval times and until today.
The corruption of Islamic rule has been historic with it culmination in The Sudan, One ca argue that the seat of political power in El Medina was never held by the prophet but by the cheifs of the tribes in El Medina. The prophet and ALshari3a is only an arbiter of both. Hence \"{فلا وربك لا يؤمنون حتى يحكموك فيما شجر بينهم ثم لا يجدوا في أنفسهم حرجا مما قضيت ويسلموا تسليما}\"
and from here it is apparent that in a multicultural and multi ethnic and multi religeous state shari3a is not the rule, but the final arbiter.
Many converts in the modern godless world of today have not been converted by conflict, I do not want to create controversy and say no converts were, this is a stastical debate which I am not qualified to enter. Thse converts have come to Islam through observation and comparison. This is how Islam was spread throught the ages.
In your comparison, it should not be of the Church and of the Mosque, SalvaKiir is not an ordained prince of the Church nor is Omar AL Bashir a Khalifa or a religeous leader. He is The President of The Sudna and you should view him as such.
The war in The South was between church and mosque due to necessity, the SPLM needed money and the biggest coffers available outside the Islamic Petroleum world were at the disposal of The Church. hence in its transformation from an autonomous rule (ANanya) movement to the fighters of Iskamic oppression (SPLM) was out of necessity. Meanwhile in The North from a military trying to fight a threat to the constitutional (I use that lightly) authority in khartoum to the Jihadist movement of today was also out of necessity. A severely underfunded military needed the human resources and the finances for the war. Hence many of te Islamist money wpoured in once the war became a fight for the SOul of Islam and the Christian inquisition in the land of The Muslims. That the money came into private militias and that the ethics of Military Engagement were not aopplied is a political debate which I am not qualified to do so.
The fact of the matter is that both sides have signed a peace agreement and that tAlBashir has given oautonomy to The Southerners and tnow a new state. It would have been different but I think it was a brave and necessary decision taken by a man who will seriously face historic ramifications of his legacy as the man who los the south.
His address of the people in The mosque was meant as a message, I would say the vast majority of The COuntry are illeterate and of a nomadic mentality or farmers mentality. These fire and brimstone talks appeal to his wide base. you can see the difference of ALBashir when he addressed the National Assembly and in his interview with Zeinab Badawi. It was impressive and a complete difference ot The Norm.
My appologies if I am all over the place but the issue is just too big and too global to actually place it in a moment of hoisting a new flag and how it affects the morals of a Church and Mosque.
The issue is of education, islamic understanding, of social buildup (Farming revolution, industrial reveolution and transitioning to a free market society) the issues are of 50 years of war, missmanagement. the issues are of the failure of intelligent debate and of the lust for power by all sides. We cannot just say ALbashir and NCp and not look at the historic shortcomings of everyone including them.
And may allah present the whole of Sudan with the oppurtunity of a true federal governance model.

#178260 [alwally]
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07-14-2011 11:59 AM
For the two moments as you indicated about Al-Bashir and Kiir due to 9/7/2011,the historical date , we should consider these moments within two prospective , Kiir for new country and freedom while Al-Bashir moment as he addressed angrily because he loosed the victories in the south kordofan war and challenges that he encountered on his travel to both china and Iran but I don\'t think the president Al-Bashir felt grief for separation of Sudanese land , because the result known to the both presidents Al-Bashir and Kiir referring that both of them considered to be major effective characters to cause this shameful event.

#178253 [SaifAlhag]
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07-14-2011 11:45 AM
Thanks Osama for this Article.

The attitude of the person reflects what he has inside regardless his Religion.

Islam came to compete the morals of human being to be at the Top as more than Angles. But these people they get the poluted the idea of Islam by the vage ideas and by holding by the peeling off ideas. Unfortunetaly, so many people believe them or at least afraid to stand or say words against them because they don\'t know exactly the heart of Islam.

Is you tranuslte the Article in Arabic would be of better use and beneficial more.


#178246 [Nagi]
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07-14-2011 11:37 AM
Deep meaningfull & comforting


Osama Babiker Hassan
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