The hatred That hatred Produced
07-24-2011 10:19 AM

The hatred That hatred Produced

Osama Babiker Hassan
[email protected]

As most Sudanese have been shocked on the eve of the South of Sudan independence and media\"s literature except Al-Intibaha Newspaper have bitterly congratulated the southerners on their newly born state begging them - in shy words- maintaining of a good neighborhood relation, Khartoum government reacted like a wounded lion; minting for 3rd time new currency, declaring no citizenship for southerners, dismissing many from their jobs and closing newspapers just to palliate a tickling conscience seeing the new state 193 taking off and reverentially received as new member in the UN. As most irresponsible politicians that the old Sudan has ever witnessed since the independence, the ruling junta known for adamant devastating policy whatever the impact, that while the wound of the South is yet very fresh; they did sign in Doha another retarded peace treaty that will never excise Darfur\"s problem grassroots by keeping out main Darfurian movements from being partners thereof. Saving time policies and half-way agreements have been major features of Khartoum government since 1990s, they have record track in creating opposing groups from their own and sign agreements with them, they actually sign agreements with themselves. Messily doing so, they further complicate the old Sudan\"s dilemmas and cause it to more fall apart. Count how many peace treaties were signed since the godly advent of this government! They mirror us to the international community as wars-lovers for nothing though social life in Sudan proves contrary.

The government disguised shock is not due to loss of a dear part from the old Sudan, as we lay people feel, but for loss of 75% of the national income generated from the oil being pumped from there into Khartoum\"s government treasury during the last 6 years, thus the government reaction in Abbey, South Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains areas as \" to be or not to be\" is no surprise. They know as long as there are no longer productive agricultural projects existed in the North the economical situation is nakedly looming over loss of oil revenues, consequently what we see nowadays are not planned policies made for citizens\" better life, but a psychological reaction fearing sever economical crisis the Sudan may face in the next months perhaps far away tougher than the economical crash of 1983, however this time in total absenteeism of major agricultural projects which had been generating major percentage of the national income when this regime took power and intentionally, in a time, the regime destroyed them to maintain absolute political control over the country.

Now, political game is over and main challenge the regime is facing in the North is economical. We remember when the 1983 famine hit the African horn, even though Sudan was impacted but could then harbor nearly 4 million Ethiopians. Last week the Ethiopian government announced Ethiopia in famine and called UN for urgent relief, this is bad indication for Khartoum\"s government which is failing to provide its citizens with basic necessities even throughout availability of oil revenues let alone receiving of more refugees. Another bad economical indication Khartoum\"s government should bear in mind is that individual foreign investors refrained investing in Sudan since many of them found they were dealing with traders-politicians not investment institutions, huge commissions and bribes were benchmark for investment success that why many Gulf countries investors overlooked Sudan to invest agricultural projects in Ethiopia, Senegal and Kenya, just imagine!. Don’t they like the Sudanese? No, they appreciate the integrity and honesty of the Sudanese knowing them as working power in their countries since 1970s, but when they went to invest in the Sudan they found something else. Several Sudanese in diasporas can narrate disgraceful stories told to them by some of foreign investors tried to invest in the Sudan.

Mr. Ali Kartti, Minister of Foreign Affairs was interviewed from Vienna by Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Newspaper, see Alarkoba, he said he was happy that Allah gave him wealth during the last 20 years and he was asking Him to add more on it, however he called upon the Sudanese from Vienna to be patient as there would be uncomfortable situations in the coming days!, but he did not reason what sort of extra uncomfortable situations are lurking for us. Mr. Kartti portrayed investment image in the Sudan as transparent and unique; he defended the official\"s integrity as absolutely immune against any financial corruption saying that, corruption within the regime\"s member was mere rumors set in some opposing websites to deforming their reputation and riding on the Arab\"s spring wave which merely roused against corrupted leaders. But to know that the interview is a mere waffle you read what he said when the reporter asked him about the impact of Dr. Naffi\"s abusive language, he said that those who criticized Dr. Naffi could not make out he was a lenient character if they had serious issues to dialogue with him. I love such diplomacy! Mr. Kartti forgot the recent Addis Ababa Treaty as one of the most political absurd drama placed Khartoum\"s government credibility to shame: ( Is it ever so that, when they make a covenant, a party of them set it aside?. The truth is, most of them believe not), the Cow, verse 100.

Racist group stirring the North

Job-wise policy of hatred influenced even those who live in the North having 50-50 SN blood, see Othman Merghani article \" The Stateless\" on Alrakoba at Fatima Ali is a Sudanese born for Jaali father and Shuluk mother, she is well-qualified employee of the Sudan TV. Following the South of Sudan secession she received a letter terminating her from the job. She proved to them whatever they wanted from the Civil Record, but she remained to them a stateless person because her mistake is the half-southern blood in her veins. Islam is! The government adamantly refused the Addis Ababa agreement and said it would continue war against the nationalist Abdal Aziz Al Hilu who is calling for just government for all Sudan. Today Ali Othman Mohammed Taha will visit Egypt perhaps to misadvise them and to get misadvised by them on SK issue. Egypt is never interested in a Sudan of diversity but more water and more land because they have fixed policy of national security- we have not, that Khartoum\"s government continues preferring Egyptians than the Sudanese indigenous labeling them anti- Islamic rule, while they are anti-injustice. Islam pushed the people to seek justice: ( And incline not toward those who do wrong lest the fire touch you, and you have no protecting friends against Allah, and afterward you would not be helped) Huud, verse113. Now is it not fire touching each aspect of our life? is it not a sort of fire when the city of two Niles lacks water and people protest thirsty. We will not be able to extinguish such thirsty unless we could extinguish the fire of injustice and racism.

The Hand of God

In a press conference on war on Libya broadcasted on Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, warned the United Sates government to be careful of the Hand of God because of the wicked plots being fabricated against other nations for self-aggrandizements of some world lords of finance and power, he warned that USA may face disasters of snow, water, earthquake, typhoon or famine if she continue waging wars against other nations for oil.

Minister Farrakhan\"s warning can be applicable on Khartoum\"s government and the North Sudan as whole no matter a Muslim government or community they are, because justice in the eye of God is justice, the Quran quotes: (And guard yourselves against a chastisement which cannot fall exclusively on those of you who are wrong-doers, and know verily Allah is severe in punishment) Spoils of War, Verse (25). Book of Ezekiel 16:50 quotes: ((They were haughty and did an abomination before me. So I removed them, when I saw it.)). We should ask ourselves why life in the Sudan keeps moving from bad to worse by the hand of the ruling junta who pray, fast, perhaps give Zakkat and go to Haj yet similarly treat the Sudanese indigenous in a manner that Minister Farrakhan warned the USA government not to do toward other nations!.

The disaster in the Sudan is the ruling junta adoring of money and using it as devilish means for political purposes under cover of Islam. To have detailed explanation of what I mean, please refer to the report made by the two professional journalists Abdall Bagi Al Dhafir and Ahmed Omer Khojali on Alrakoba concerning Haj and Ummra Authority. This authority is supposed to streamline procedures for Haj and Ummra, but turned to be a blood sucker monster no matter how much holy is this rite. This Authority is absolute example that the financial corruption is innate nature of the ruling junta that neither their reciting for the holy Quran nor their frequent visits to the holy shrines in Mekka and Medina can curb it, most of them are above 50th to 60th ( Let them eat and enjoy life, and let (false) hope beguile them. They will come to know), The Rocky Tract, verse 3.

Absent of wealth from the hands of the ruling junta is the main factor which will bring down their government. The Hand of God prophesied by Minister Louis Farrakhan is near much to crash the remaining Sudan than the USA since the later so far plans good governance for its citizens. I say this while also keeping in mind what the Saudi Renowned clergyman Salman Al-Awda said to MBC channel following his return from a tour in the USA: \"The fall of USA is unlikely because its government is fair\". Though this seems contradicting Minister Farrakhan\"s warning, but gap of established justice between Sudan and USA is far big, and USA foreign policy described as wicked by Farrakhan is optional for other nations to take it or leave it because without inside agents among those nations such policy will remain dreams. Khartoum government is one of those who optionally took what Farrakhan described as USA wicked foreign policy by dividing and excluding the main Sudanese national political powers and allowing several foreign covetous powers to put their noses in Sudan\"s problems which no power in the world can solve except the Sudanese themselves within only un-grafted democratic atmosphere spearheaded by new political generation.

May Allah preserve all the people of the Sudan.

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07-24-2011 09:56 PM

Clear Message

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07-24-2011 07:08 PM
Although the article is in English but it is obvious that the writer thinks in Arabic which makes his ideas absurd and the language very funny

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07-24-2011 12:38 PM
We are deeply wounded by what the non-Islamic government has made

Osama Babiker
Osama Babiker

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