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الرجاء التوقيع على الالتماس المرفق لاطلاق سراح سجناء الرأي في السودان على الموقع أدناه


Sudanese American Society – Monterey

March 7, 2013

The Honorable John Kerry
Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary:

As you know the situation of human rights in Sudan is deteriorating every day under the current regime. Though the United States is conscious of the flagrant atrocities and human rights violations of the regime against its people in Darfur, South Kordofan, the Blue Nile and other areas, but we need to call your attention to the harsh measures undertaken by the regime with respect to the freedom of speech and expression; two months ago the government of Sudan closed down four prominent cultural centers based on dubious allegations of” being financed by foreign countries to disrupt public tranquility”. But by all objective measures this move was only meant to intimidate and terrorize activists.

We are writing this letter because the government did not stop in killing people in the peripheries, or placing roadblocks on freedom of expression but it moved even further to muzzle those who are looking for a solution out of this predicament, in which the regime had sunk the country. A retired general; Abdel Aziz Khalid, chairman of the National Sudanese Alliance Party and five other members of opposition parties have been detained by the Sudanese security forces for weeks, in poor conditions, without due process and with inadequate medical care.
In addition to retired general Abdel Aziz Khalid the group includes:

1. Ms. Intisar al-Agali, a representative of the Alliance of Women Politicians
2. Mr. Husham al-Mufti, a member of the United Democratic Unionist Party
3. Dr. Mohammed Zain al-Abdeen, from the Unionist Movement
4. Dr. Abdel Rahim Abdullah, from the Unionist Movement
5. Mr. Youssef al-Kauda, the leader of the Moderate Islamic Party

Those individuals were detained between January 7th-14th on their arrival from Kampala where they negotiated with the revolutionary Front and signed a Charter that calls for peace, freedom, social justice and democratic transformation in Sudan.

The arbitrary arrest and detention of those people violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which the Sudanese government is a signatory. For two months, those detainees did not know their charges; they haven’t seen any judges and they were denied the access to any legal representation. General Khalid and his colleagues are being held in solitary confinement and many of them are denied the constant medical attention they needed and no family members were allowed to visit.

We are deeply concerned about the conditions of these detainees and we appeal to you to pressure the government to:

1- Release these detainees immediately or bring them to trial if there are charges against them.
2- Remove all restrictions on basic freedoms and stop violations of human rights against opponents and journalists.
3- Demand an end to aerial bombardment and attacks on civilians in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile regions.
4- Allow access to humanitarian organizations to regions of South Kordofan and Blue Nile where hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being starved by the government.

Point of Contact
Ali Alhedai
301 Van Buren Street #6
Monterey CA 93940
[email protected]

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