SLM MM refutes allegations by SUDO
03-25-2013 09:59 PM

SLM MM refutes allegations by SUDO
Following the battle of (Abga-Ragel) which took place nearby Nyla city between the SLA forces and the forces of GOS and its militias, the so called SUDO organization disseminated misleading information published on Sudantribune dated 21-3-2013 claiming that SLA MM has killed four civilians from nomadic Rizeigat tribe. Based on such allegation the SLM MM would like to clarify the following:
-Sudan liberation movement has circulated among its officers the conducts and rules that in conformity with international humanitarian law and human rights and they are committed to these rules .
-The SLM MM spares no efforts to protect civilians rather than targeting them , so such allegation is totally baseless and malicious.
- The so called SUDO organization is incredible hence it always siding the government of Sudan against resisting revolutionary forces in Sudan by sending false reports to media while turning blind eyes to atrocities going on in Darfur , Blue Nile and Nuba mountains .
- SUDO organization relied on a suspected source based in Kampala who is in connection with the intelligence of Sudan. Besides the organization has condemned the SLM MM without any verification on its claim which means it moves on bias ground against SLM MM.
- The report of SUDO was on 15-3-2013 while the battle between SLM MM and GOS and its militias on 14-3-2013,within this short period SLM MM has already disclosed the list of the prisoners of war on many websites, therefore its illogic that SLM MM offers chances of freeing to an enemy and at the same time kills innocent civilians which is completely unbelievable and nonsensical.
Abdalla Mursal
Information secretary and spokesman of SLM MM 22L03L2013

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