04-06-2014 02:35 PM


To Every friend of Mahgoub Sharif…,

Like every person of us…,

I am gravely stabbed in my depth and trodden by the most sad news of the untimely loss of our hero and icon, Mahgoub
Sharif! Mahgoub, that tall pillar of the down-trodden nation-wide, never attempted to say "no" to any person in-need of his
support be that in kind or in hopeful words that draws in prosperity. He, Mahgoub Sharif, the man whom he was, was brave like a lion and kind like those supporting farms of Gezeera. He was eloquent like the books of arts and extravagand like the guns of liberation. As an artist he enscribed his eternal words on the rock. Once he streached to dream, his dreams flew like our Nile, hopeful for generations to come. He was a teacher, but essentially, taught people the meaning of humility and how to smile when stricken by need and poverty! Mahgoub lived a meaningful life a dedicated hero who cares not what tomorrow could bring to a hopeful being! Bye-bye Mahgoub, bye-bye my Comrade!

Edwaed Abyei Lino

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#965697 [عبدالله احمد]
1.00/5 (1 صوت)

04-07-2014 11:32 AM
,Dear Edward Lino
I would like to greet you for your so precious word about the loss of our teacher
Mahjoub Shareef .He, Mahjoub,had gone but will stay for ever in our hearts . We will carry on his dreams , hopes and deeds for a wide great country.
My Question to Edward,why did you choose separation instead of unity ,since you love Majoub
so much . Why didn,t you continue fighting with us against this bad government ? Would you work bravely for reunite again in ONE GREAT SUDAN ?

#965611 [انصاري]
1.00/5 (1 صوت)

04-07-2014 10:42 AM
شكراً أستاذ ,,إدورد أبيي لينو ـ لا يعرف مقدار الثائر إلا ثأئر مثله .. فعلاً لقد كان مقاتلاً بأشعاره .مبشراً .. يقيم الإنسانية .. وكريم الخصال... أحرفك الصادقة نابعة من القلب للقلب...لك الحضور هنا..

#965060 [هجو نصر]
1.00/5 (1 صوت)

04-06-2014 07:51 PM
الازواح جنود مجندة ما تعارف منها ائتلف . الجكيم ادوارد لينو من طينة نقد و جون قرنق ومحجوب , نفوس كبيرة وقلوب فذة , لذلك كان هذا الرثاء الحار , لاعجب ! كان الراحل رحمه الله والذي نسال الله ان يسبغ عليه ثوب الصحة يحلمان بوطن حدادي مدادي . اخونا لينو ! اّّااااخ !

#964780 [ايو الهول]
3.00/5 (3 صوت)

04-06-2014 02:57 PM
وهذه احرف حزينة منسابة دموعا من جنوب الوطن (الحدادي مدادي) مع تبار النيل العظيم تحكي عن ان الحزن والفقد والجرح واحد....آآآخ يا ادواد لينو ..ويا عشة ..ويا ميري ..ويا انا زبا وطن نشلهده يتناثر حولنا ...

Edwaed Lino
مساحة اعلانية
6.25/10 (3 صوت)

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