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فصل الرفيق إسماعيل خميس جلاب من عضوية الحركة الشعبية وتجريده من الرتبة العسكرية وفصله من الجيش الشعبى لتحرير السودان .

قرارات رئيس الحركة الشعبية والقائد العام للجيش الشعبى لتحرير السودان
01-30-2014 11:30 PM
فصل الرفيق إسماعيل خميس جلاب من عضوية الحركة الشعبية وتجريده من الرتبة العسكرية وفصله من الجيش الشعبى لتحرير السودان .

مكتب الرئيس

رئيس الحركة الشعبية والقائد العام للجيش الشعبى لتحرير السودان
قرار رقم (11- 2014) وقرار رقم (1-2014 )
فصل الرفيق إسماعيل خميس جلاب من عضوية الحركة الشعبية وتجريده من الرتبة العسكرية وفصله من الجيش الشعبى لتحرير السودان .
بعد الإطلاع على تقرير لجنة التحقيق برئاسة اللواء جقود مكوار مرادة ، و رد الرفيق اللواء إسماعيل خميس جلاب على لجنة التحقيق ورفضه مقابلة اللجنة او الاعتراف بها ، و إقراره كتابة بعدم الإعتراف بقيادة الحركة الشعبية والجيش الشعبى ورفضه للدستور او الإمتثال لقانون الجيش الشعبى . وبعد ان تمت مراعاة الحقوق الدستورية والقانونية الكاملة للرفيق إسماعيل خميس جلاب وبُذلت كافة المحاولات لمساعدته فى عدم تنكُب الطريق الصحيح . إلا ان الرفيق إسماعيل خميس جلاب ، إستمر فى العمل المعادى للحركة الشعبية والجيش الشعبى ، وقام بمحاولات فاشلة لشق صفوف الحركة الشعبية و الجيش الشعبى وبدعم جهات معادية للحركة . هذا وقد إطلعت قيادة الحركة على تقارير و وثائق على مدى ما يزيد من عامين ، وتم كل ذلك النشاط بإستخدام مختلف الزرائع و المناسبات وتحت مسميات الإصلاح ، والتصحيح وضرورة عقد مؤتمرات للمصالحة ، ولافتات بإسم المجتمع المدنى ورفع شعارات براقة بإسم المنطقتيين ظاهرها رحمة وباطنها إستسلام لنظام الخرطوم الذى ظل يُثير نفس القضايا فى إعلامه لإحداث فتنة إثنية وقبلية وتقسيم الحركة الشعبية ، ووضع العقبات فى طريقها حتى لا تلعب اى دور على المستوى القومى ، وان تحصر نفسها فى قضايا المنطقتيين ومن ثم تقسيم المنطقتيين على اساس جغرافى وقبلى و إلحاق الهزيمة بشعب المنطقتيين والحركة الشعبية . وهى محاولة قديمة وجديدة حيث جربت من قبل ضد القائد الكبير يوسف كوة مكى الذى تصدى لها بشجاعة معهودة فيه حتى ذهب راضياً و مرضياً عنه من شعبه ووطنه . فلاحياد و لاتراجع عن طريق يوسف كوة مكى ورؤية السودان الجديد .
وبناءً على السلطات المخولة لى من دستور الحركة الشعبية لتحرير السودان الإنتقالى لسنة (2013) وفق المواد (20-1)،(20-2) من الفصل الخامس وإختصاصات رئيس الحركة الشعبية و المادة (4-5) من الفصل الثانى والمادة (11) من الفصل الثالث و المادة (27 - 4 - ب - ت- ه - خ – د ) من الفصل الخامس ، فإننى اصدر القرار رقم (11-2014م) القاضى بفصل إسماعيل خميس جلاب من عضوية الحركة الشعبية لتحرير السودان من تاريخ إصداره .
وبناءً على السلطات المخولة لى من قانون عقوبات الجيش الشعبى وصلاحيات القائد العام للجيش الشعبى وبعد الإطلاع على توصية رئيس هيئة الاركان وفق المادة (12) من الفصل الثالث من قانون الجيش الشعبى لسنة (2003م) المتعلقة بالتجريد والفصل من الخدمة العسكرية ، وعليه اصدر القرار رقم (1 – 2014م) الذى ينص على :
I. تجريد اللواء إسماعيل خميس جلاب من الرتبة العسكرية .
II. فصله من الجيش الشعبى لتحرير السودان من تاريخ 17-1-2014م.
ومن حقه الإستئناف لدى جهات الإختصاص وفق نص الدستور وقانون العقوبات للجيش الشعبى .

الفريق مالك عقار آير
رئيس الحركة الشعبية والقائد العام للجيش الشعبى لتحرير السودان
30ياناير 2014

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#903289 [kori ackongue]
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02-01-2014 02:39 PM
xiv. Finally, to say it personally I did agree with 90% of the former Region’s SPLM/A chairman I. K. Jallab Correction:

Yesterday I meant to say I did not agree 90% of the former Regions's SPLM/A chairman, not as what has come aove.

#902697 [kori ackongue]
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01-31-2014 05:58 PM
Leaders Decisions Are Two Ways Sharpened Elements, Not Knowing What Is There Lamenting For All Times Commentators Show?!
Since this is a military system and since democracy is a big crisis in SPLM/A- - Sudan, from the time that unjust war which was imposed on the two regions on sequent actions; on (5th June and on 1st September 2011), it is very difficult to say that all the resolutions that have come accordingly are correct either 55% or 100% percent I guess. Stories of these kinds of differences and confrontations through the media exposure made all to become a source laughing at, having reasons to that laughter or not! Ismail Khamis Jallab and Danial Kodi, preceded by Telephone Koko, could mark something strange to come as a result of an explosion of the individual expectations and anti-actions to what others looked at as smooth paths of their struggle for freedom. In the three different cases and timing, the governance of the situation escalation and its outcome, look as something to evaluate it properly, having that quantity of every body’s claims and the consequences folders, kept for each one of them personal history of giving his greater portion of life for his people. Mistakes are there encompassed as treason attempts against their societies to destroy the future continuity of the struggle, this in fact comes from the written documents, which were disseminated through different kinds of media lines, whether as visuals or in written formats and that huge documents normally come from people of one region by themselves or on themselves, whom they have had been considered during the course of their struggling contributions as leaders and with very bad impact. This how things are directed up to that levels of categorizing the roles and on what basis those roles should be diminished at a go and for good, and how far their commitments were fair, properly justified, timely subjected, logically given times of equal defending rights, just and mindfully or not to the point of respect either. That is the difference of mangling the ideas of all up with various readings to come out with single understanding or why specifically those people/whom were called leaders of the original Nuba Region’s People Struggle for their liberty of the two major causes of why and when those falling apart situations made it possible for everyone outside the zoom of the events would not imagine that kinds of natured internal conflicts and re-acted conflicts developments, from all sides incorporated to that levels of misunderstanding, differences, un-noticed disputes to the normal people like us, which standard of not to come closer to each other in such a situation of gaining enmity concepts on gradual taken steps and of what types are these kinds of no cross roads as a joining juncture of gatherings for one purpose, that to share life interests anymore to think about desperately like this one!
Both parties as far as they are concerned have had made gross mistakes administratively mistake by not being present to stand side by side with their colleague and the chairperson of SPLM/A - in the region Abdul Aziz Adam Al Hillo, who was competing in the governor candidacy seat, during his election competition and preferred to travel outside the country for long touring, but at least he kept silent for long time not directly confronting his leading in the system man like what Danial Kodi has done publicly. Apart from that some articles have been posted in the websites pages in the name of I. Kh. Jallab, but no refute from him putting a lot of puzzle on his way of being away from the media and in the body of the system he had no doubt casted out his what could be some personal interests to respond to protection of himself and continue to struggle for others in need of that. All of his life matters could be abandoned if he really had them somewhere, for himself, despite all the wrong steps he had put himself into recently, since he was the governor of the Nuba Mountains Region/Southern Kordofan State to face that very rooted dictator system in Khartoum refusal to recognize CPA; the protocol meant by it. Militarily men on that uniforms, normally take rigid actions perhaps to save their tracks of successful stories collectively, but the infliction could also be possible in the absence of democracy and dialogue in any way forward. This is what Malik Agar Ere has done it as the media has displayed it 50% right and 50% wrong decision at wrong times, not as mentioned about that great man as he was not used to spell out in this manner his opponents within his calendar years performance as a true politician, diligent militant character and more than wise leader, not at all revenging at any cost against his internal enemies, whatever they behave or do, but take them to area of justice of that times and qualities availed, the late martyrdom; Yousef Kuwa Makki had done what others are trying to follow the footsteps for their people, not for these kinds of the public curved and addressed decisions, for this public consumption addressing. That is why in many occasions, the entrusted responsibilities may not follow the right tracking moving things ahead, but that may not be the last, since the manner of dictatorship is experience widely, despite the severe situations our leaders are facing to confront the Sudan upheavals as if Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile Regions people are set to the experimental ruling practices. As far as our eyes do not sometimes get their resting moments to wash out the grids from the huge mistakes of some of the current leadership, so in this specific language also public opinions should be expected and heard likewise, not as added divisive trends, but as a too late consulting means for those who do not involve themselves directly to watching things as a decision makers but as an aspiration tonic blasts of trust building not dis-unity and further impunity scaling existence anyway:
i. We are absolutely proud of what progress has been achieved on the ground, from all zones these are the real freedom fighters that are striving and giving themselves free and as cheap as that to defend themselves, their people and to save guard their lands collectively and properly.
ii. Those mistakes have been there and they are the core problems to shade in dark and shave off, our right causes to promote them and the associate dreams to fulfill. Despite that tragedy situations the people are tolerating to resist and defeat them that natures of barbaric intentions continually, leaders lose their ways of good thinking and acting to more convince the victims that they are genuinely adhering to the principles of establishing justice to all and better caring for all as what they have willingly went for the armed struggle.
iii. People are facing true enemy from all directions headed by Khartoum continual masterminding elements against us, creating vast rooms for divisions germs and they are attempting through this sick temptations and ways to looking very happy to have helped more enemies of the kinds of their own creation to be among all and trying to finish up with the rest.
iv. Feeling abandoned, weak and not having any role physically to play as an assisting person to decision making by itself is a psychological punishment that Ismail Khamis Jalab has gained it to himself and that it would not be at all logic and reasoning to give these kinds of isolation decisions which he himself had caused them since his last term of ruling as SPLM/A chairman in the region as pre-determined actions, who will never ever be in any way and any position as I truly think it to create any kind of divide and destroy SPLM/A - Sudan structure, especially in the Nuba Mountains Region, so the worry that brings the leaders to so revenging act and decision is totally wrong and absurd matter, wrong by itself and it might not be as terminologically defined the correct decision ever, whatever power it has reinstated and enshrined entirely, for laws are always there but people are always negatively affected by 85% of the leadership kinds of wrong decisions it their formal manner of expression and deliberations.
v. Everybody knows that where the weaknesses of Ismail Khamis Jallab are from our experiences with his ruling times though we can’t by any means say that 100% of those mistakes were and are his, knowing how much Khartoum hate-red and tempered spirit against SPLM/A – Sudan in general is all about, the wisdom that some pioneer leaders within SPLM/A – Sudan system are inspiring would have better kept and will strongly keep the victorious success of this revolution spear head alongside other forces to go ahead and be a real winner for the benefit of the masses of all the people of these regions and the people of the entire country (Sudan). Personally, I respect the freedom of all, but not the disobedience, or seeking divisions anyway from any source that can be lower or highest ranking leaders.
vi. They are more echoes from individuals, truly dedicated to SPLM/A - Sudan that several decisions made could mount to other worries about the nature and exclusion attitudes normally appear as decisions of the organic decision makers not as a consensus healing needs to abide by though those individuals are not directly involved in any of that matters and they are not of any direct to direct consultations concerns. Yet, given that love for the welfare of the general suffering people they may not be looked at and expected to be as yes persons to salute any decisions and irrespectively, to every declarations of ruling out of others any roles from others, like this man who is actually temped of being out of the seen in reality and practically, that might be thought of as dangerous elements to the development of the system and the ongoing revolution, being declining in age and other means of empowerments.
vii. If we consider some aspects of events, how many times the chairman himself (Malik Agar) had made mistakes, without mentioning them and how many times collectively, the secretary general Yasser Arman had made gross mistakes, even the very wise, respected and honored leader within SPLM/A – Sudan; Abdul Aziz Al Hillo, how many mistakes he had made too, that we do not know them, but frankly the ways he is leading his people could be leveled with the manner the late martyrdom; Yousef Kuwa Makki was following typically, into greater extend that made the whole Sudan’s radical systems feared him more than anyone else in this country and wishing him not be a life till the last moments of their discussions in their corridors talks and inside their day and night meetings rooms, knowing that God is saving him and his people are quite sincere to help him defeat their real enemies.
viii. How many resolutions have been exposed and spent for internal reforms and the internal upgrades of the SPLM/A – Sudan system and then better try to evaluate the effects from that ruled out impacts too, by then a new correct constructive decisions could manage to emerge on good and understanding spirit, good environment and strong faithful environment, instead of repeating mistakes after mistakes, purposely and may unconsciously motivated like this one, even if the cause to come to this point results was properly thought of, but being put to the website just like that would vanish any sense of keeping the things done by the top people within their own systems done in silence or in calamity with less effect on those who might not be in position or knowledge to read thing in better and peaceful demonstrated habit.
ix. The style of dictatorship pouring resolutions should not be felt here though it is there 100%, not less than that at all as I think it honestly, the quality for nothing worth that cycle of resolutions being adopted in the degree against the person who is not truly looked at as any risk cause as far as I am understanding it from the way he lives to an in-effective person when we come to realization of what he wrote several weeks back and what impact his articles have got and caused.
x. It is the responsibility of his former fighters and leaders, being his colleagues in the continued struggle to secure his life and his family’s life, not to act in a revenge manner like this one and like what happened to be read from the websites today, to my understanding and for what exactly my poor self as an observer can’t see it there. That is totally wrong and his mistakes compiled by his negative and un-respecting attitude to respond to his subordinate colleagues as he might have thought (God Only Knows), for that simple degree undermined reasons, punishing the powerless person means the weakness is not him but it is within the decision maker here, which I hope, sincerely to review the words (Got Rid of Him), which also does not match the sense behind that resolutions as I am reading it now.
xi. I personally, believe that Khartoum will not let us go in peace, but we are the platform to defeat Khartoum finally and gain more enemies towards our side, not to spell out our disappointed persons due to what his recent profile would show as many others believe that, but not himself, since he also thinks that he served a great deal and had his people credited him a role even if he failed.
xii. The wrong thing is always wrong and I think that the decision makers, especially and sincerely talking to the Chairman Malik Ager that learn from your gross mistakes too and do not compare yourself at all in this manner of decision making with the person all know very well who was he and what he did to his opponents, even if some field mistakes occurred, not from his decisions but from the victims of their own thinking’s of how, what, when and whom to be, which others did not seem to have taken the same belief at that time to badly make it worse for themselves and not help them either and so far in that loss we all have had been affected by, when we did not get theme back.
xiii. You have all the options as the leader to comfort and give more chance for the desperate person who might be more strong in love and dedication if other efforts are compiled to make him change and be a weapon of positive change not a thrown out stone either like that.
xiv. Finally, to say it personally I did agree with 90% of the former Region’s SPLM/A chairman I. K. Jallab and I am not at all a yes man to any of the leaders ways of ruling their respective people, but I am within my simplicity and my own trust worth understanding to others I respect and agree with immensely feeling that series of the decisions made by our leaders have been so unfortunately and poorly prepared, of which some they had consulted their people intellectuals to amend them but like this judging decision is really awkward one if they accept my long tireless comment as frank as what could mount to huge hate-red towards me perhaps, based on the scaling. What I know and believe totally is that SPLM/A – Sudan and its power is not just a simple matter that crd. I. K. Jallab would be able shake its unity commitment to struggle and the ways they are always proven to be the most and best struggling units emerged from the stomach of the Sudanese women since 1984 up to date joining hand and efforts with other boldly born fighters in Darfur to make a history for the whole of their regions and the Sudan as the country.

#902598 [malla]
5.00/5 (1 صوت)

01-31-2014 02:16 PM
خميس جلاب اشرف مناضل عرفته الحركة الشعبية وهو صاحب المهام الصعبلة ايام معارك تلشي وتيما ومعارك المنطقة الغربية ولقد قدم اروع البطولات والتضحيات وبدون مقابل 0 الان يتربع على عرش الحركة كل من هب ودب بعد رحيل الرفيق يوسف كوة ويصدر القرارات ضد الشرفاء والقادة الحقيقين 0 هكذا نهج مرفوض وهو نفس استعلاء سلفا على الرفاق بالجنوب 0 ان الرجل القامة خميس جلاب لايريد الا اصلاحا فلماذا تهاجمونه بهذه الطريقة القذرة 0 ان قراركم الجبان هذا بلوه واشربو مويتو لاءن اللواء خميس وراءه اسود الغربية وهو رجل لن تهزه الرياح والاعاصير وانتم بهذا التصرف الجبان تمزقون وحدة الحركة وتماسكها وتساعدون الموءتمر وطني في ضرب الكيان السياسي للحركة وانني اري انكم اتاءثرتم باءنشقاقات حركات دارفور والتي ادت الى تدمير اهلنا في دارفور فهل تريدون تدمير ما تبقى من الهامش باءيديكم

#902543 [المشتهى السخينه]
1.00/5 (1 صوت)

01-31-2014 12:34 PM
الدعوة موجهة للاخ خميس جلاب للعودة الى كوشة القصر الجمهورى ( سابقا ) قصر البشير حاليا والتى تضم مجلس قيادة الثورة وجيفه المتقيحة .بجانب الخيش حسن الترابى .والمهدى والميرغنى وسبدرات.وعلى عثمان ونافع ودبجو والسيسسى والحاج ساطور ..ليتمرغوا ويأكلوا فى عطن وعفن اكياس زبالة الرئيس الخارجة من مطبخه المترف ..هنيئا لكم طعام الدود ..

#902524 [مراقب]
4.50/5 (4 صوت)

01-31-2014 11:40 AM
لم يجلب للحركة الشعبية ايام كان الوالي لجنوب كردفان الا الفرقة والشتات والفتنة والتمييز هذا غير عمالته وارتزاقيته للنظام شكراً لهذا القرار الشجاع

#902491 [عزالدين]
4.88/5 (4 صوت)

01-31-2014 10:42 AM
(وبُذلت كافة المحاولات لمساعدته فى عدم تنكُب الطريق الصحيح .)
طيب ما إنتو الجهجهتو سعادة اللوا براكم ^_^
عاملين جيشكم الما فيه جنود ده كلكم لواءات ^_^

ردود على عزالدين
European Union [أركة] 01-31-2014 09:00 PM
هم فايلين نفسهم فصلوه من الجنه عاملين الزيطه والزنبريطه دي كلها ومدين نفسهم الالقاب والرتب تقول الواحد فيهم مكمل العلم او البلد كلها ما في حد زيهم والشعب يعلم سلفا ان عاجز الراي لا بيفيد ولا بينفع حتي نفسه يلا بلا لمه قوموا لفو بلا يخمكم انتو واكلي مال الشعب

European Union [بت قضيم] 01-31-2014 12:17 PM
الواجعك شنو يا مندس

#902418 [كرنقو عبدالله]
4.00/5 (3 صوت)

01-31-2014 08:13 AM
من المؤسف أن يكون رجل في قامة اللواء اسماعيل خميس جلاب وهو من أعمدة الحركة الشعبية أن يسعي لبيع قضية شعب الهامش وندعوك ان تعود الي رشدك لان الذي يدعو للمبادرات الجزئية لايريد سلام بل يريد أضعاف القضية وضياع الحقوق وشق الصف ولك في دارفور مثالا حركات لاتحصي ولاتعد وسلام لاوقع له لاتخيب امال شعب الجبال وبيع القضية التحية للشهيد الرفيق يوسف كوة مكي والمرحوم الاب فليب عباس غبوش والتحية للقادة ضباط وضباط صف وجنود الجيش الشعبي لتحرير السودان وقوات الجبهة الثورية عاش نضال شعب الهامش .

#902386 [معاويــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــة]
4.63/5 (5 صوت)

01-31-2014 07:05 AM
شغل تمام كل من تسول له نفسه بالتقوقع او الارتماء فى احضان المؤتمر الوثنى او التقارب او قيادة حلف واى عمل منفرد مناف وخارج عن اطار المؤسسيه يحاسب ويجرد بنص القانون وحتى لا تتكر هذه الافعال من اخرين لابد ان يكون القانون صارما لان هذا مصير بلد مسلوبه ارادته ومسروقه ومذلول شعبه فانظام الفاسد فى الخرطوم يسعى وبكل السبل لشق صفوف الحركه النضاليه ضده ولابد من الانتباه واخذ الحيطه والحذر من المتفلتين والماجورين اللذين تغريهم الاموال التى يغدق بها نظام المؤتمر الوثنى كرشاوى لضعاف النفوووووووس والساعين وراء المال ........

#902358 [ودقلبا]
5.00/5 (3 صوت)

01-31-2014 04:37 AM
ولا يهمك يا سمعة لواءات جد جد قاعدين يودوهم الشارع خلى انت اللولوتك ما دغرية

#902342 [احمد البقاري]
4.47/5 (6 صوت)

01-31-2014 03:21 AM
نعم للحسم مع كل من تسول له نفسه الرخيصة الامارة بالجبن والإنكسار التلاعب بآمال المهمشين لصالح وكرة الخيانة التاريخي الحاكم في الخرطوم منذ 1956 م. نعم للطرد لكل من يرهن ثورة الهامش الظافرة والمنتصرة بأذن الله لمنفعة شخصية يتوسل بها ليلعق أحذية قادة نظام الفصل العنصري المتهالك.

#902310 [bosh]
4.00/5 (3 صوت)

01-31-2014 01:33 AM
فى ادب الثوره مافى غير الاعدام لهذا الجلاب ى ياعقار

ردود على bosh
United States [ياسر الجندي] 01-31-2014 07:47 PM
جدادة الخلا الطردت جدادة البيت !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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المشاركات والآراء المنشورة في صحيفة الراكوبة سواء كانت بأسماء حقيقية أو مستعارة لا تـمـثـل بالضرورة الرأي الرسمي لإدارة الموقع بل تـمـثـل وجهة نظر كاتبيها.

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